Let me introduce myself…

Sophia Thomaidou
Eagorou & Menandrou 1,
FROSIA House 4th Floor, Flat 401,
1066 Nicosia Cyprus
+30 6932900555

How can I support you…

I am passionate about Neuro Linguistic Programming and how its techniques can alter lives! I support individuals and organizations to discover their inner talents and unleash their potential through NLP Certification Studies, Special Engineered Skill Transfer and Personal Breakthrough Sessions.

Please visit the Services page to discover in more detail how we can support you as well as what best fits your needs and desires. On the other hand if you feel you need a helping hand to decide what would best work for you, please visit the Contact page.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP explores the relationship between how we think, what we say and how we behave.It is a combination of behavioral psychology, linguistics, hypnosis and modeling, providing a series of techniques that help individuals and organizations to use them as a powerful catalyst for personal change as well as for improving business performance. 
The creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, undertook extensive studies of people who were highly skilled in the field of human change through which they derived the toolkit that you can also learn through our Services offerings.

Time Line Therapy™

Past experiences shape our present behavior. When these behaviors hinders us from living the life we want, Time Line Therapy™ and its techniques can assist us in realigning them. The process of Time Line Therapy™ produces long-lasting transformation quickly and easily by eliminating negative emotions of the past, helping us let go of Limiting Decisions and supporting us in creating the life we want.


Sophia is a gifted coach, mentor and trainer having a deep grasp of the principles of NLP and Time Line Therapy® which she applies effectively in organizations as well as private clients. She leverages on her keen business insights to guide corporate clients to grow their business, motivate and engage their workforce and fuel their leaders to the next level of performance. She uses her powerful intuition to give individual clients just what they need to step into their most powerful selves. I highly recommend Sophia as a trainer, coach, mentor, for anyone who needs insights into how to create a workplace and workforce that delivers above and beyond the competition.

‐ Rebel Brown | Neuroscience-Based Leadership, Corporate & Sales Performance | Keynote Speaker | Fortune 500 Executive Consultant