NLP 4 Business

In our suite of Business interventions organizations can choose from an array of specially designed workshops and approaches, which can also be tailored to meet specific organizational challenges.
Individuals who have been introduced to NLP in the business arena have seen the benefits of such interventions in all areas, especially in Leadership, Sales and Customer Care.

Participants in our Leadership interventions learn:

  • The way to create a climate in which people are inspired and enjoy their work.
  • How to change weak work habits into strong, productive ones and develop powerful strategies to achieve their goals.
  • The way to motivate individuals and teams to achieve High Performance.
  • How to communicate perceptively and skillfully with peers, direct reports, senior management, and clients.
  • The techniques to successfully negotiate and influence stakeholders.

Participants in our Sales interventions learn:

  • How to manage their own state and keep themselves motivated at all times.
  • How to read and influence body language and other non-verbal behavior.
  • The way to build rapport with their clients quickly and easily.
  • How too match their selling style with the way their customers think.
  • How to understand the real intention behind an objection, and handle it effectively.
  • How to improve their questioning techniques in order to better define customer needs and close the sale.

Participants in our Customer Care interventions learn:

  • The way to use body language and tone of voice to build instant rapport with their customers.
  • How to use language efficiently to handle objections and turn customers into satisfied clients.
  • How to achieve a positive internal state at will at any time.
  • The way to fell confident when dealing with any customer situation.